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Right now, i see are so many people who want to start making videos, but they prevent themselves because they think they need to look professional. Which is not true! Now, we both know that looking professional is the way better option. But in the network marketing profession, although important, it’s not so important as well. But the goal with this post is to show you that you don’t have to look professional so you can start making videos.

So let’s talk about some video marketing tips on why you should not focus so much on looking professional.


Before we start, i would really appreciate if you go through this information with an open mind. What i am sharing is more about you and make you understand that you don’t have to compare and look so professional in order to make videos.

Is that a good deal?


Now, here is the thing. If right now you want to make videos and you’re thinking that you can’t make them because of this and that, stop. What you’re doing right now is only one thing. You’re preventing yourself from taking action and getting one step closer to your goal.

Most of the time we love to compare ourselves to someone else. It’s just something we do. But in the network marketing profession, this can mean your downfall.

You see, the more you compare, the more you think and the more you think, the more excuses you will make.


Why do i say that?


If you watch a video of someone very successful right now and you follow and love the person you watch, you will probably want to have or do what he or she is doing. But then, your mind starts to work and most of the times it’s focusing on the negative than the positive.


We are suddenly bombarded with excuses on why we can’t do it and then we just don’t do it.


I would really encourage you to stop comparing yourself and also stop thinking about perfection and all the things that your mind is making up and just do a video.


Most of the times i am talking about the importance of making videos because i really want people to understand the power of a simple video. When you make a video you immediately position yourself in the celebrity status.

Why do i say that? Well, if right now you see your favorite movie actor, would you be excited? Probably yes. What do you think will happen if someone sees you on the street after watching your video? He will be like… i know this guy. Why? Because they’ve watched you.

Most of the times people perceive people that they watch on Tv or Video as celebrities. This is awesome because when you start making your own videos you will be perceived as a celebrity for those who are watching you.

And let’s not forget that you’re building the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor as well.


Another thing is that by doing your own videos, you’re way more attractive and way more easy to decide on. Meaning… if i come to your social media channel and see photos, that’s great and i can make an assumption about who you are. But if i watch a video of you, you’re giving me way more information on which i can make a way better decision about who you are and whether i will like you or not.


In the book How To Be People Smart by Less Giblin, you will find that people learn 83 percent using their eyes. This is amazing information if you think about it because it shows the impact that a simple video can have on the other person.

Make sure that you watch the video below because i’m sharing some simple video marketing tips that will help you out.

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