Video Marketing Tips 3 Things You Must Have In A Video

When it comes to video marketing, you must understand that every video is created with a purpose.

There are no such things as creating a video just because you feel like creating it. No! No matter what video you’re creating, there is always a reason behind the video.

Whether you want attention, get more followers, generate leads online, or even make money. There is always a reason!

With that said, I want to share with you a video marketing strategy that will help you get more followers, leads, and even sales.

There are 3 simple steps that you need to follow to create a successful video.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy That Works.

1) Intro
The purpose of the intro is to simply explain to people, what they will learn in the video. There are 3 ways to start an intro and I am going to share with you all of them below.

  •  Present yourself and the content
    In this example, your video will start something like this:
    Hey guys, (Your Name) coming to you from (Where You Live) and in this video I will share with you, (Your Content) so stay tuned.
  •  Start with a question
    In this example, you will have to start with a question like this:
    Do you wonder how to generate leads using video marketing? If your answer is YES, then keep watching because in this video I am going to share with you X ways to generate leads using video.
  • Simply share what people are going to learn in your video
    Here you can do something like this:
    In this video, you’re going to learn 3 ways to generate leads using facebook

If you ask yourself “Why do I need to start my video with an intro” the answer is very simple!

People have a very short attention span! If I’m searching something on the internet, I want to find it fast and I want to know that I am at the right place in seconds.

Let’s face it! These days with all the noise around us, it becomes more and more difficult to get a person attention. I’ve read somewhere (I can’t recall) that in 2016 is expected that people’s attention span will be about 8.5 seconds.

So this is why you need to start your video with one of the 3 ways mentioned above. You want to make sure that people will know in second what your video is all about.

2) Content
This step doesn’t require a lot of explanation because here is where you simply start sharing your actual content.

If you don’t know what you’re going to talk about, you can make something simple like a script so you can stay on track with your content.

I’ve seen people holding their actual content in their hands and simply reading it. Is this professional? Maybe not, but if your content is great, people won’t even pay attention because they want the information!

3) Call To Action
The reason why you want to have a call to action is because you want to tell (point) people what should they do next. If you don’t know what a call to action is, it’s basically saying something like this at the end of your video:

“Hey, thank you for watching and if you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you can receive more awesome videos like this one”

Please note that you can use different words or even different call to action. Some of the people that I recommend that you follow and that have an awesome video marketing strategy are:

1) James Wedmore
2) Brandon Lucero
3) Tim Schmoyer
4) Gideon Shalwick

Of course, those are just some of the people who are using video marketing, but they are really great at it.

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