Video Marketing Tip - Do You Really Need An Intro

Today i wanted to share a simple video marketing tip and talk about, do you really need an intro for your video.

This is something that i hear most of the time and i totally understand why people ask it. People want to create a video and make it look great right! The reality is that most of the time you don’t need an intro.

What do i mean by that? Well, it’s quite simple! If you’re just starting an online, network marketing, or mlm business and you want to start making videos, focus on providing value and later on, improve your video by adding an intro.

Personally, i would suggest creating a video marketing strategy first. Having a clear vision of creating a video with a purpose and focus on more important things like audio and video quality!

Be strategic and focus on the most important things first and then you can improve your video and add an intro. Instead of thinking “how can i spend money” think about “how can i make money with what i have right now“.

So the final question is, do you really need an intro? The answer is YES and NO!

Although there are way more important things that you need to focus on, having an intro or not comes down to your personal choice. But like i said, there are more important things than having an into.

The reason i say that i because people will watch your video because they like you or want to learn something from you. Providing great content and educating or entertaining people what will make the difference.

But after all, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you want to achieve with your video.

And just in case you decide to get yourself an intro, here are couple of places that you can do that.

If you’re going to get an intro from Fiverr, make sure to choose people with the best rating possible. After you choose someone, go to the comment’s section and see what other people are saying about the person and his work. Another thing that i highly recommend when choosing an intro is to find something that will represent YOU or your brand the best.

And one last thing, if you’re going to use a logo inside your intro, make sure to have your logo in a PNG format. This means that the background of your logo will be transparent.

Going for an intro and finding out after a week that you don’t like it is a waste of your money!

If you’re going to use Videohive (which i use) you will have a way bigger option of intros, lower thirds and other things to improve your video. The thing with Videohive is that you need to have Adobe After Effect so you can actually use the intro that you’ve purchased from Videohive.

The last but not least is Youtube. Youtube has a lot of great videos that will show you how to create an intro for your video. The thing is that most of the video tutorials will require you to have Adobe After Effect so you can follow along.

So what’s the best option then? Personally, i would start with Fiverr because i don’t have to work on making the intro which will give me more time to focus on other more important things. But after all, it’s your personal opinion!

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