Video Marketing Equipment For Building an MLM Business

Are you thinking to start recording videos? Do you wonder what equipment do you need? Then keep on reading because it’s time for some video marketing truth.

When i watch video marketing training or attend webinars on the same subject, there is always someone that will ask about “What equipment should I use to record videos“.

To be honest i totally understand that, after all, no one was born knowing everything! Even i started from scratch and even i believed that i need to have it all before i start.

But today i want to share with you the truth about all those false beliefs about equipment and other nonsense.

I will take the time to explain two things. First of all, we are going to take a look at real tools and equipment a brand new video marketer will needs.

And after, we will discuss what could one do after he/she becomes better.

Video Marketing Tools And Equipment For Beginners

So what do you think do you need to start making videos?

Let me tell you a story.

I have a friend that want’s to become a videographer (which is not a bad thing). Most of the time, he talks about how he want’s to become a videographer, make all those cool and awesome short clips and so on.

Every time he talks about it, i can see the excitement in him, so eventually, i decided to ask him this simple question.

  • What’s stopping you?

He started explaining all those reasons that prevent him from becoming a videographer. He explained that he needs things like…

  • 4k Monitor
  • Better CPU
  • Better and faster hard drive
  • More Ram Memory
  • A brand new Camera
  • A brand new lens
  • etc…

Long story short, he needed all those things, but he was missing one very important thing, to Start!

You see, there is nothing bad or wrong about he wanting a better camera and a faster PC. But in the beginning, you should focus on producing rather than spending.

Most of the time we think that we need all those things to start making videos when the reality is that, you can start making videos right now with your phone.

Here is the thing. When i started making videos, i was thinking just like my friend. I was thinking that i need all those things so i can look good and make all those awesome videos.

Personally, i ended up spending almost $1000 on equipment that, to be honest, i don’t even use. This is why i am saying this, i’ve been there, i’ve invested the money and i know the outcome.

Here is what you need to do when you’re new to video marketing.

1.Use your mobile phone

If the only things that you have right now is a mobile phone and unless your mobile phone is 1.3 megapixels camera, start using it. This is bay far the fastest way for you to start making videos (produce) and start getting attention on you.

2. The quality of your audio

Because i am using an old iPhone 4 (that i need to change some day), i noticed that the audio was just horrible. I had to make something about it and i ended up buying a lavalier microphone for a better audio quality.

Now that you know what i am using to make videos, here are two more things to consider when making a video.

  1. Light
  2. Background

Let’s talk about Light.

If you don’t have a Light Kit to light your room, your scene or yourself, consider using the most inexpensive source of light on this planet – the sun!

The sunlight is the best light that you can use (personal opinion) for making videos, but sometimes ideas come late. So if you don’t have a Light Kit at your disposal, use the sunlight instead.

Now, let’s talk about Background 

Depending on the video you want to make, you may want to consider making something about your background. But what do I mean, making something about your background?

Recently i bought a couple of paintings that I’ve put on my wall and make it more interesting. Before, i had this flat painted wall that personally i didn’t find very appealing.

So if you’re background looks really bad, consider doing something about it.


Final thoughts on Video Marketing Tools And Equipment For Beginners

Although the things that I’m sharing with you may or may not apply to everyone, there are just things that I’ve experienced until now and are there to give you some ideas on what you can do or not do.

My final words are – start now and upgrade later!


The Next Step Of Video Marketing

So, we talked about some of the video marketing tools and other things a brand new person can or even should do. And yet, there is one more question that we need to discuss “What should i do next?

Well, here is the thing.

Personally, i believe that eventually (over time) while you’re getting better at video marketing, you should upgrade to something better that will help you grow your business. Does thins mean that you need to buy the latest 4k camera on the market just to make videos?

Absolutely NOT!

But it means that if you have a 2 megapixels camera, you should consider upgrading to something better. It means that if your audio quality is not good that you should consider doing something about it.

And yet, here is one of the most important things about video marketing that you need to consider, and that is, your marketing!

You see, although video marketing is mostly about video, the marketing is what’s important! Sharing your message with the people in a way that will help them make a decision and take the next step. This is important!

The reason i say this is simple.

How many cameras will you buy? How many microphones will you buy? If you’re building a network marketing business like i am, then probably not so many, just one or two.  But the marketing is what you need to change most (if not all) of the time.

Your marketing (and your relationship) is what will help you build your MLM business or any other business that you want to build. Your marketing!

Using video marketing to grow your business is a good thing, but without the right message, you will have a hard time building your business.

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