Why Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

Today i had the most annoying experience on Twitter. This is why i decided to make this post and share with you why your twitter marketing strategy is not working.

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t get any results on twitter is because they don’t have a twitter marketing strategy that’s designed to work. Thinking that you have a twitter marketing strategy is one thing, but having a twitter marketing strategy is totally another.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the support or the knowledge they need to create a twitter marketing strategy that will work for them!

Why Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

One of the things that i see all the time is that people (most of the time) will send you a Direct Message on Twitter saying something like…

Are you super rich?……………. LMAO JK but you totally can be if you just LISTEN TO ME. I will show you just how to make $7451 each week with nothing but your phone. Today we’re only allowing the first 601 people access, so SLAP this link if you are redirected your IN! LINK“

By the way, this is an actual message that i received from a new twitter follower! And you probably receive the same SPAM messages as well, right!

So here is where most people twitter marketing strategy fails big time. Why? Because nobody likes to be spammed! I don’t like to be spammed and you probably don’t like it either!

Another thing that i see is that they use a profile image of a celebrity or something like a house, car, money etc… One thing that you should understand is that people follow (and do business with) people. Having a profile image of a car is first of all, not professional and second, it doesn’t help you with branding (This is only for people, not companies).

Simple things like your profile image, bio, header image (banner image) and spamming people, can drastically impact your twitter marketing strategy.

Just think about this, you walk on the street and you see a person, you immediately run to that person and say. Hey man, my company is the best company in the world and if you want to make fast and easy money your should join right now!

I mean come one! Are you going to join that person or are you going to stay away from him? Some people can even punch a person like that!

The same goes for twitter too. When you have a new follower, instead of going crazy and start pitching about your business, send them a simple message like…

“Hi (NAME) thanks for (the follow/following me)! If you want, you can check out my (blog/website) to. Once again, thanks!”

The whole point is to not spam people because then you will lose them. Just be you and send them a message of appreciation or even start a conversation with them.

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