Most Simple Way To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Having problems with getting traffic to your blog? Then read carefully because you learn a very simple way on how to increase your Blog Traffic!

This is one of the biggest challenges that all bloggers have,  how to get blog traffic! Let’s face it, having a great blog post without having people to read it, sucks! That’s right, it sucks! Spending your time,  thinking about what to write,  researching, putting all together and praying that someone will find our connect it’s not exactly what we want.

But let’s forget about the actual process of creating the content and let’s focus on how to get blog traffic!

Do you know the most important thing that will determent if people will actually read your blog post or not? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, i will tell you.

The Most Simple Way To Increase Your Blog Traffic

So how can we increase our blog traffic?

The most simple way to get more people to your blog and in this way increase your traffic is by simply changing your blog post title (headline).

Wow, it’s that it!

As you know, composing a blog post is not all about the headline of the blog post. But the headline is the most important thing because it’s what will determine the amount of clicks or engagement that you will have. The headline is important because it’s the first thing people see and if the headline is relevant to want they want, they will click it.

One of the ways to get ideas that will help you create a great headline is by going to blogs that are in your niche. You can take notes about how they compose their headline and use some of their ideas to compose your own headline.

Another way (faster way) is to use tools. I’ve recently found 2 websites that analyze the headline and after that, they give you a headline score that you can use to compose a better performing headline.

Here are the bought websites that will help you improve your headline Coschedule and Aminstitute. But there is something that you need to know!

Bought websites are good for improving your headline, but they will not show you the same results. This means that you can use bought to get ideas, but after all, you need to choose which website you’re going to use.

I’m using bought websites to check the headline, but i’m using mostly the Coschedule for my needs.

Here is another tip that you can use to increase your blog traffic.

1)Use the tools to find out what headline you’re going to use.

2)Create your blog post.

3)Compose 5 or 10 different headlines

4)Promote your content on social media using the 5-10 headlines

Note: One headline can (will) convert better than the other. This is why using a couple of different headline will help you find the best and converting headline that you can use to promote your content on social media.

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