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Today’s blog post is all about two very simple network marketing tips that will help you become more productive with your time. So let’s dive into the actual content and find out how to become more productive using the two simple tips that i will share with you.

As you know, there are many network marketing tips out there on how to be more productive with your time. But before i share with you this simple version on how to be more productive, i want you to take a couple of minutes and find out how much time you have that you can invest into building your network marketing business.


This is very important because once you know how much time you have, you’re going to focus more on the things that you have to do every day to build your network marketing business. So take a piece of paper and write down all the activities that you do every day and see how much time are you investing in those activities.


  • Work
  • Family
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Fun


After you’re done with your list, you should know how much time you’re left with that you can invest in building your network marketing business.


Now, if you have done the what i suggested above, let’s move to the actual network marketing tips.

I want to let you know that the two simple network marketing tips that i will share with you can work together or separately if this is something you want to do.


Creating Your List

I want you to take a piece of paper and write down at least 5 things that will help you grown your business. Those things have to be the most income producing activities of all. Something that will help you grow your business and attract more people to you.

One of my network marketing tips is that you include prospecting as your first step because it’s the most important and income producing activities you can do. The rest of the things will vary based on the actual platform that you’re using to build your network marketing business.


If you’re using facebook as a marketing platform so you can build your network marketing business, think about, what are the most important things that you can do build your business using facebook. Although there are many things you can do on facebook, focus on the most important ones.

So go ahead and do your list with at least 5 things that you’re going to do every day.


An Extra Punch Of Seriousness

This step is absolutely optional but i will recommend that you implement it in the above strategy. I want you to get yourself a simple sand clock or some kind of a timer that will help you stay on track. The reason i say this is because if you have a timer, you are telling your mind that you have a specific amount of time to finish a specific step.


This should help you stay more focused on completing the actual task and not waste your time with on other time wasting activities. Like i told you, those are really simple network marketing tips that anyone can implement in their life business.


The whole goal here is to make you more serious and focused on the things you have to do and not waste your time here and there. Another way to look at this is that you will eventually develop the habit of doing the necessary things first and then do whatever you want later.

Make sure that you watch the video below because i’m sharing how to apply the two network marketing tips so you can be more productive with your time.

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