Network Marketing Success Tips Stop Blaming Your Upline

Have you ever blamed your upline for not beeing there when you need them?Well, in today’s blog post we are going to take a look at some network marketing success tips and understand why your upline has nothing to do with your network marketing success.

So you joined a network marketing business but for some reason, you’re upline, is not providing you with the support your need. So what’s next?

Well, let me share with you couple of things about your upline to help you and prepare you for your ongoing network marketing adventure.

Types Of Network Marketing Upline

One very important thing to understand is that there are two types of upline in a network marketing business.

1) The Lazy/Non-Supportive Upline

2) The Productive Upline


Now, let’s take a look at the Lazy first.

My definition of a Lazy Upline in the network marketing business is anyone who is not willing to help someone else. They hide behind the monitor and don’t want to have anything to do with the problems or struggles of other people. They simply hide!


The Productive type, on the other hand, is someone who is working towards his success (fast or slow) and helps people along the way. They do their best to share and help other people achieve the success they want.

So now that we know the types of Uplines, what’s next?


Managing Your Expectations

In the video below i share one of the best network marketing success tips you could get about your upline. It’s all about “Managing Your Expectations” towards your upline and your own business.


Please understand that your network marketing success is not based on your upline, but many people still blame them for their lack of success. One of the big mistakes that you can make is to be too attached and rely too much on your upline.

Although the above-mentioned network marketing success tips don’t apply for every upline out there, it’s something to consider.

Let me explain!

If you find yourself joining under a non-supportive/ lazy upline, eventually, you may end up quitting the business because you didn’t get the support you were thinking you’ll get.

So this is why you need to stop being so attached to your upline.


Don’t expect anything from them, but appreciate them if they help you out. Use them as a resource not as a reason.


Make sure to watch the video below because i am sharing, even more, network marketing success tips to help you out.

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