How To Generate Leads If You Are New To Network Marketing

If you’re struggling with lead generation, you may want to consider reading this post because, in this blog post, i will share with you how to generate leads if you are new to network marketing.

From Struggling To Building My Own Business

Since 2010 i’ve been looking for a way to build my own business, have more time to do what i want and have the life i always wanted for myself. I’ve been in countless systems promising the world and bought almost every single lead generation product or course that i can get my hands on. Starting from 2010 and doing the exact same thing to 2014, i can say that nothing has changed for me.

The life that i was envisioning for myself and my dream and desire for success, started to fade little by little, day by day till i almost give up! Luck or good fortune some people say had presented itself to me a simple text form.

The words that i saw were simple, to the point and yet, they were promising something that in my near future it actually was becoming true. The words that i was that day were “Building Tomorrows Leaders Today” those were the words that i so and that changed my life in an unbelievable way.

How To Generate Leads If You Are New To Network Marketing?

So what has the lead generation part to do with this story? It’s quite simple to be honest. I am sharing that story because most people join the network marketing industry having big desires and dreams for a bright future. Unfortunately, most of those people don’t see any time of help, support or advice on how to actually build a network marketing business. Even today, i see people do things that i’ve done in 2010 that did not bring any results what so ever!

If you’re serious about how to generate leads, how to brand yourself and become a leader and how to build your own network marketing business, you have to learn and improve yourself first. But why do i say that? Using the right platform with the right training and being part of a community will make the difference in your life and business.  Network marketing is a business, YES, but what most people miss is that network marketing is also a relationship business.

There is a well knows in the network marketing industry that 97% of all people in network marketing fail. We can go into explaining why this is not true, but the goal today is to share with you how to generate leads!

So if we take the saying that 97% of people are not successful and fail at network marketing, do you think that you can take the time and learn a couple of strategies on how to generate leads and teach other people. The answer is, Off Course!

The Most Simple Model On How To Generate Leads

So what can you do to actually start generating those leads starting today? The process is very easy and if you pay attention you can start generating leads literally this week! Exited? Great!

Here is what i want you to do

  • Find a training and go through it
  • Take notes from that training
  • Create a simple training (NO, i don’t want to hear that you can’t do this)
  • Create a capture page
  • Join facebook groups
  • Start sharing your training

As you can see, the process is very simple and everyone who’s serious about changing their life can do it. Simple follow the exact same steps and be consistent with your posting.But here is the thing, although this is a simple step-by-step process, you still need to find…

One last thing, if you don’t know where to find the right training or how to create a capture page or even what to do next, i highly recommend that you check this platform and see if this is something that can benefit you and your business.

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