How To Build An Email List Using Facebook Groups

How do you build an email list using facebook? Well, in this post i will share with you how to can start building an email list and also a couple of ways to do that. Some of those ways are simple and some involve some work, but doing this consistently will help you start seeing results.

Lead Generation Disclaimer! The strategies that i share with you work, but your results will be based on your own marketing imagination and skills.

Now, there are many ways to generate leads on facebook, but i am going to share with you how i was able to generate 14 leads in two days without paying a dime (Did i mention the disclaimer? Yes i did!). Another thing that i will do for you is that i will share a behind the scene video training on what you can do to generate even more leads if that’s something you’re interested in.


Ok. let’s move on…



  • Landing Page (aka Lead Capture Page)
  • Auto-Responder (Place to store the leads)
  • Video Training (your’s or your companies)
  • Image/Video
  • Link Shortener
  • Facebook Groups
  • The Posting



Building An Email List Part One – Landing Page

In order for you to start building an email list using facebook groups, you have to have a way to capture the other person name and email. This is why you need to have/create a landing page. A landing page is a simple page designed to capture the visitor’s name and email (sometimes other details as well) in exchange for something “They Want/Interested In”.

So in this case, you have to create a landing page and compose a message that will make the person want to give you his/her information in exchange for what you have to offer. More about that in the video training section!


Building An Email List Part Two – Auto-Responder

If you’re new and you don’t know what an auto-responder is, it’s basically where the information of the person will be stored. This is important because after that you can send them emails with relevant information to help them out.

NOTE: Most people abuse the person’s information by spamming them with messages that are designed to sell instead to help!


Building An Email List Part Three – Video Training

The reason i want you to use video training is that you will provide value and build a relationship/trust with the other person. Now, let me explain what i mean by company video training. Why do you think

If your company provides you with video training material, use it. If your company has only a sales video, it’s better to create your own training and use it instead. WHY? Because you are positioning yourself as a trainer, authority, someone that helps and provides value to people. This is way harder to do with a sales video.


Simple Tip

If you have a video training to share with people, watch the training and take note of 2-3 things that this video can help out with. Then, use those things to compose your landing page and message that you’re going to post inside the facebook groups.


Building An Email List Part Four – Image/Video

There are two ways to get a person’s attention when building an email list using facebook groups. The first way is with text and images and the second is with text and video or just video.

If you’re going for the text and image version, make sure that your message is interesting/persuasive so the person is interested enough to click your link and check out what you have to offer.

The other version doesn’t require text but some people may include a line or two.

Make a short video, about a minute or so and share who you are, what did you find out and how they can get it. Then, at the end of the video, have a simple call to action something like….

  • If you want to learn how to ____ click the link above this video and i will see you inside
  • So go ahead, click the link above this video and i will see you inside.


It doesn’t have to be fancy, just tell people what the next step is.


Building An Email List Part Five – Link Shortener

This is a simple tip but important. Make sure that you use a link shortener like so you can track the clicks to your link. This also helps if you have a long bad looking link that you have to shorten and make a little bit better looking.


  • Building An Email List Part Six – Facebook Groups

  • Start joining facebook groups every day for the next 30 days if you’re new to this. Make sure that you don’t go crazy with this and join about 5-10 max a day. This doesn’t mean that you have to join 10 in a minute. Join 5 groups and after an hour or two join a couple more groups.


Simple Tip

Use Evernote or an Exel File to store the groups that you join for fast access.


  • Building An Email List Part Seven – The Posting

  • Now that you’ve prepared everything in place, what you want to do is, use Evernote or your Excel File to access the facebook groups faster.
  • NOTE: Just because you can access the groups fast, this doesn’t mean that you have to post fast.
  • I want you to post 5 times (over time) your first 3-4 days so you can prepare the facebook algorithm. After that, i want you to post 10 times a day (over time). Doing the exact same thing that i share with you i was able to do 10 post every hour.
  • So 10 post every hour X 10 hours = 100 posts! So in two days (lead generation disclaimer) and about 200 posts later, i had 14 new leads. All this took me about 5 minutes for 10 posts.



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