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So let’s talk about how often should you blog! You see, there are a lot of people out there that will give you advice on how often should you blog (Including me). But is this the real question that we should ask ourselves?

Why do I say that! The thing is that, although blogging can be a great way to brand yourself, generate leads and make money online, it’s also a tool that will leverage your time.

Think about blogging this way, the more blog post you have, the better chance you have to be found on the internet. And yet, there is more to blogging than just writing a blog post.

Having a strategy that will allow you to get in front of your target marketing is crucial for you and your business. This is called keyword research and if you want to know more about it, you can watch this video training.

But, let’s get back on track here…

How Often Should You Blog?

These days, there are many people who own a blog and many of them can advise you on how often should you blog. But the thing is that everyone is different. Everyone had different goals and dream and everyone will put different amount of work.Instead of asking yourself about how often should you blog, ask yourself how often can you blog!

And yet, instead of asking yourself about how often should you blog, ask yourself how often can you blog!

One of the things that I see in network marketing is that many people accept the idea that they need to blog every single day. Although this is not a bad thing, it can make a person feel overwhelmed, frustrated and finally to giving up.

Just because someone said that you need to blog X times per week, doesn’t mean that you need to do it! Of course, there are pluses and minuses to all this, but you need to find out your comfort zone and start from there.

Does this mean that you need to stay in this zone all the time? Of course not! But you need to consider that if you put a lot of pressure on you, you can sabotage yourself and get frustrated.

If you feel like you can blog 3 times a week, then blog 3 times a week and over time (when you get better) increase your blog posts.

I see many people struggle because they don’t know what to blog about. So if we take a person who’s having a hard time blogging and tell him/her to blog every day, this will only bring more frustration to the person.

This is why finding your comfort zone, in the beginning, is important! Most people look for that magic number or trick that will help them build a successful business. But if you really want to make this work, you should focus only on 2 things!


If you’re writing a blog post every single day and then change to 3 times per week. And over time you blog 3 times a month, we bought know what you’re results will be.

Another thing that you need to think about is, what do you want to achieve with your blog? Do you have a network marketing business or you are into weight loss? If that’s the case, then you may want to consider to blog more often.

One of the things Ray Higdon said about blogging is that “Every blog post is like a soldier who is out there fighting for you”. So work hard, stay consistent and soon you will find out that even with less blogging, you can get great results.

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