How To Get 200,000 Impressions In One Month Using Twitter For Free

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you want more people to see your tweets? Well, keep reading because i will show you how to get 200,000 impressions in one month using twitter.

Last year of December i was introduced to an amazing Twitter Marketing Strategy to help me grow my twitter following, expand my reach and generate more leads using twitter.

I decided to give it a shot and actually implement this twitter marketing strategy and see if it would help me get the results i wanted.

So what do you think did happen?

Before i share with you how i was able to get 200,000 impressions in one month i want to show you a screenshot of my Twitter account so you can decide for yourself if this is something that could help you.

Twitter Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation

Please note that those are the results before i started implementing this twitter marketing strategy and the results that you see are for an entire month.

Not a good picture right!

So now that you know my results for November, what do you think would my results be for December? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, 200,000 impressions in one month.

200,000 Impressions In One Month Using Twitter

WOW! Is there a difference? I mean, this is only in one month, but the funniest part is that i didn’t even implement the entire training.

Another awesome thing is that i slowly starting to generate more leads using this strategy.

Here is a screenshot of the leads that i was able to generate till now using twitter and the actual twitter strategy that i am talking about.

How to generate leads using twitter

But why have i waited till now? Why not just go through the training and just make a blog post?

You see, i wanted to make sure that this is actually working and that people can actually benefit from this training.

So after implementing the training and waiting for an entire month to see what my results will be, i decided to do the best thing i could do, wait some more time.

I mean, it could be just luck, right! Doing something at the right time and just seeing results. I had to be sure that the actual strategy was not based on luck, but instead, based on a proven strategy that actually works.

But the twitter marketing strategy was actually working! The 200,000 impressions a month were not a dream, neither luck. Why do i say that?

Well, here are my statistic for the new month (this month)!

200,000 Impressions In One Month Using Twitter Marketing Strategy

As you may see, the statistics that i am showing you are only for 23 days and i am almost hitting the 200,000 impressions a month again.

So the final question is, is this really working?

From what i’ve seen so far i could say that this twitter marketing strategy is working more than amazing. But the real question is, are you willing to put some work and start getting the results you want?


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