Facebook Lead Generation Guide For Introverts

Are you an Introvert? Do you want to build a network marketing business, but you don’t want to talk to people? If that’s the case, this post may help.

I’m going to give you the exact facebook lead generation strategy that I’ve used so you can get the same (or even more) results that i have generated. This is by far the most simple way for an introvert to generate leads using facebook. Plus, i will give you some ideas on how to leverage your time by doing less work and still generate leads using facebook.

Sounds good? Awesome!

So, before i start laying out the facebook lead generation strategy, i would love if you really give it a go on this. Why? Because it works! I am giving you the steps here, but i really want you to implement.


Creating Your Facebook Lead Generation Landing Page

First of all, you need to things two make this work.


1.You need to create a landing page so you can capture the name, email and phone number (optional) of the person.

There are many services that you can use to create you landing page, but personally, i use MLSP.

The reason i use MLSP is because it provides me with all the training and resources i need to generate leads and grow my business.

But one of the best things is that i can leverage my time and use the already made landing pages plus video training that MLSP provides me with.

This means faster implementation and more time to do other important things.

Learn more about what is MLSP and how it can help you grow your business here


2.The second thing for our facebook lead generation strategy is an autoresponder!

And autoresponder is basically a place where you store the name and email of the person so you can email them later. An autoresponder is crucial because it has to connect with your landing page in order for your landing page to work.

Right now i am using Aweber as my autoresponder and personally, i don’t think i’ll ever change it.

You can always choose a different autoresponder if you don’t have one, but if you don’t like complexity like i do then Aweber is the best choice.

Once you create your landing page, it’s time for step two….

Creating Your Facebook Lead Generation Offer

Once you create your landing page the question is, what am i going to offer to the people?

You see…. having a landing page and an autoresponder is OK, but without some kind of value that you can give in exchange for their information, this strategy is not going to work.


For some people who want to scam people, it may work, but i am not here to teach you how to scam people. I am here to teach you how to build a business, by providing value and helping people.

So the question that you need to ask yourself is…. What am i going to offer to people in exchange for their information?


If you’re not an MLSP member and you don’t have an offer, here is what you can do.

Create a short PDF or video training around the problems, needs or want’s of your target market. Once you’re done with this, the following steps are easy.

So take some time and create something of value that can actually help the people!


OK… let’s move on….

Creating Your Facebook Lead Generation List

A Facebook Lead Generation List?

What do you mean?

Well, because this post is about how to generate leads on facebook as an introvert, we are going to use facebook groups. And because facebook has a limit on how many groups you can put as a favorite, there is no other way than making a list of the groups that you will share your PDF or Training.


There are a couple of ways that you can go about this.

  1. Create an Exel File and store all the groups there
  2. Create a Text Document and store all the groups there
  3. Or you can do what i did


Personally, i decided to go and use Evernote for three main reasons.

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s simple to use
  3. It’s everywhere i go (PC and Mobile)



So if you don’t have Evernote on your PC or Mobile phone, maybe you should consider installing it. And If you want to speed up things you can Download My 100+ Facebook Groups that I’ve used to promote my content and generate leads.


Here are two things that you need to do…

  1. Join 5-10 groups a day
  2. Get the groups URL and paste it in Evernote for fast access

NOTE: Don’t join groups to quickly or you will get in FB Jail and believe me, you don’t want that!


Here is how it looks

Facebook Lead Generation

NOTE: When you copy and paste the facebook groups one below the other, make sure to put an indicator on every 5 or 10 groups like i did on the image. You will see later why this is important!

By the way, feel free to join those groups if you want.


Putting Everything To Work

Ok, so this is the fun part and i will show you EXACTLY what i did and why i did it so you can see the whole process.


1. I chose a training from My Lead System Pro (MLSP) that i would share

My Lead System Pro - MLSP System Campaigns

NOTE: When i was choosing a training i was thinking about – What training will be more relevant to share in those facebook groups? I was thinking – if people are already using facebook, then i need something that will help them become better on facebook.


2. I’ve copyed the text from the landing page of the training

NOTE: I decided to copy the actual text from the already made landing page because it was already done for me 🙂


3. I did want the training so i can make a screenshot of the actual trainer

NOTE: The idea behind this step is simple.

  1. Use an image of a person
  2. Use an image of a famous person
  3. Leverage their success


4. I’ve used the landing page creator that My Lead System Pro has to create a new landing page

MLSP - Facebook Lead Generation Strategy

NOTE: As you can see i’ve changed the text a little bit, plus i’ve used an image of the actual trainer and i’ve created the image that you see above. The other reason for creating a brand new landing page for the facebook lead generation strategy was – to be different!

Many people use the exact same landing page which over time will become saturated and people will not pay attention to that page. So make sure you change your looks!


5. I’ve joined 5-10 facebook groups a day

NOTE: i didn’t want to go crazy in the begging because if you were not doing muck on facebook and suddenly you start going crazy by joining groups, facebook may think that you’re a spammer or a bot. Eventually, they may put you in jail which is not good.

So please, go slow…. it’s work the waiting!


6. I’ve put the facebook groups URL inside Evernote for fast access

NOTE: Do you remember the numbers that i’ve told you to put on every 5 or 10 facebook groups? This is simply a mark so i know in how many groups i’ve posted and which one are the next. Simple trick, but it works!


7. In the begging, i’ve posted inside 5 groups every hour

NOTE: Once again, if you’re not very active on facebook you may want to start with 5 groups every 2 hours.


8. REPEAT and UPDATE DAILY (Of course, if necessary)


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