Using Facebook Follow Button To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Today i wanted to share with you how to use the facebook follow button to build your network marketing business. So if you’re interested in a simple strategy that can help you build your network marketing business keep reading this post.

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Using Facebook Follow Button To Build Your Network Marketing Business


A couple of days ago i applied for a coaching program (something i should do a long time ago) because i wanted to become even better at what i am doing. This way i can be more of value to other people and help them even more.

Inside my new coaching program, i found an awesome and simple facebook marketing strategy that i wanted to share with you. The whole strategy will take you a couple of minutes, but applied consistently, it will help you build your network marketing business.

Like you already know, this simple strategy involves the use of the facebook follow button and i will explain you how and what to do right now! But before i go into the whole process, we need to prepare our own facebook profile and activate our own facebook follow button.

So how do we do that you may ask yourself! It’s actually very easy, just follow those steps….

1. Login To Your Facebook Account

2. Got To Your Facebook Settings

Facebook Follow Button To Build Your Network Marketing Business

3. Click On “Followers”

Facebook Follow Button To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

4. Switch From “Friends” To “Public”

Facebook follow button Tutorial

5. Additional Options (Optional)

After you change “Who Can Follow You” fo “Public”, more options will appear below. You can either leave them like they are or you can change them. Personally, i’ve changed only two of those options and i will tell you why i did this and why you may want to do the same.

The two options that i’ve changed are…..

  1. Follower Comments
  2. Follower Notifications

They are usually set to “Friends of Friends“, but if you leave it like that, it will limit future potential engagement. And this is something you don’t want to do because after all, you’re building a business and you want people to engage with you no matter if they are your friends or not.

The second option according to facebook “will notify you when people who aren’t your friends start following you and share, like or comment on your public posts”. This is awesome because you can contact those people and start a conversation with them.

So far so good! Now that we’ve set our facebook profile for engagement and activated our facebook follow button, let’s move on to the actual strategy.

The Facebook Follow Button Strategy


The facebook follow button strategy is quite simple…. you just follow people. But instead of following everyone you see on facebook, you may want to consider doing this instead.

First of all, you’re in a business right! So… following everyone is probably not the best idea for building your network marketing business. Instead, focus on following the right people, people who look or are business oriented.

You want to follow people who are into the same thing, the same niche like you because those are the right people for you and your business. Of course, there is alway an exception, but you probably don’t want to waste your time and effort just to find out if that’s the case.

In one of the video training that i’ve watched inside my new coaching program, the teacher said that you can follow people who are part of a Facebook Group.

Let me explain….

Ask you may know, facebook has a search bar that you can use to find people, pages, groups and more. What you can do is to search for a facebook group that is relevant to your niche. If you’re in network marketing, some of the groups that you can do for are groups like…

  • Network Marketing
  • Work From Home (moms)
  • Self Development
  • MLM
  • Entrepreneur
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Law Of Attraction
  • Make Money Online

Find a facebook group with a lot of people and join the group. After they approve you, click on the “members tab” and scroll down until you can see people who have the option to add them as a friend.

Now hover your mouse over their name and you will see a small box pop up. Something like that…


Now, if the person ha the follow option inside this small box, click on it and follow the person. After you’re done, repeat the process with another 20-30 people per day.

What Next?


So here is where you and your marketing skills come into play. If you are someone that has a spammy facebook profile, this may hurt you then help you. Instead, create a profile that’s worth commenting, liking, sharing and engaging with. The reason i say that is because whenever you use the facebook follow button to follow someone, they will be notified.

After that, the person will (not always) check your profile and he or she may follow you back, engage wth your content or even start a conversation with you. The whole point is to get people to check you out and see who are you and what you do. After all, being invisible will not help you build your network marketing business or any other business as a matter of fact.

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