Mihail Yordanov Small 5Hello And Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Mihail Yordanov and i am a Network Marketer, Blogger, Social Media and Video Marketing Student.!

On my blog, you will find tips, strategies and training on Social Media, Blogging, Lead Generation, Video Marketing and other information related to building a network marketing (work from home) business.


Little Bit About Me

Have you ever felt that you are different? That you are meant to do more with your life? I know i did! Even from an early age, i was different, i was thinking different and i even acted differently.

I still remember when my mother give me money for school so i can buy something to eat when i get hungry. But instead of buying something to eat, i made sure to not spend the money and gather as much as possible.

I even had my own lollipop business, imagine that! Back then, we had a small grocery shop and we (my mother) were selling a lot of things. One of the things that i noticed back then was that many children were coming to buy lollipops.

So what did i do?

I asked my mother if i can take an entire box of lollipops with me and try to sell them to the children at school. For my amazement, i was actually selling lollipops and making my first money. LOL!

Little me, going out there to make his own money, not playing with the kids, but thinking about “how much lollipops should i get tomorrow”.

Eventually, my lollipop business had his end, but it was a great experience to make your own money.

Most of the time when children don’t get what the want, they start to cry, but not me. When i wanted something from my parents and i didn’t get it, i didn’t act like a child, but instead i was acting like a grown man.

Always understanding then and accepting the fact, that they just don’t have the money or ability to give me what i wanted at this point it time.

Couple years fast forward…

After i turned 18 years old, i decided to try my luck and go to another country. I was very fortuned because my brother was already in another country (Spain). Changing countries was an awesome experience!

New people, new culture, new things to experience and i was thinking that this is going to be amazing. My dreams of having a nice car, nice house and have the lifestyle that i wanted, was finally going to become true. My life was going to be amazing… or so i thought!

The Turn Around

After about 4 years working on the field (and yes, those are some photos that i found of me working my ass off),

img0011 img00111

i decided to return to my country and relax for a while or let’s call it, vacation time. The so called “vacation time” was very soon going to change to struggle time!

Because of some very complicated reasons and choices that i had to make back then i was left without electricity, without hot water and all most, all most without food.

In fact, the little food that i was left with (bread and some spices) i needed to share with our dog (a very big dog).

I still remember how i was sitting on a chair, holding a piece of bread in my hands and staring it for a very long time and asking myself, “should i give the half of the bread to the dog…. or not”.

How would you decide if you were in my shoes?

The decision that i needed to make was not easy at all, in fact, although i was very (i mean very) hungry i decided to give the half of the food to the dog.

The exact words that i was thinking back then were – “if i’m going to eat, the dog is going eat too and if i’m going to starve, the dog is going to starve to“. After all, the dog was not guilty of anything.

Because i didn’t have electricity, i lighted a couple of candles every night so i can see what i was doing, which most of the time was drawing. Yes, i was drawing (i’m not a Picasso) and it was mainly because i needed to do something until i fell asleep.

The showers with ice cold water for all most 2 months were an amazing experience (in a bad way). I lost between 15-20 kilos of weight for those 2 months because i was eating 2 times a day.

But It could be worst right!

I always tell myself that, it could be worst because there are people on this planet that are even worst then i was. The truth is that the journey of my life is quite long and complicated so let’s leave it like this for now.

Why Did I Join Network Marketing?

The reason i joined network marketing was that i wanted to do something more with my life, something big, something meaningful, something that can help me change not only my life but the life of many other people too.

I was sick and tired of working for someone else! I was sick and tired to work like crazy and get paid just enough so i can just survive! I was sick and tired of not beeing able to afford the things that i wanted! I was just sick and tired!

This is why i chose Network Marketing!

Network Marketing has opened my eyes and has shown me that there are more amazing things in life than just being a worker. It has shown me that you can become more than you are and help other people do the same thing.

Yes, Network Marketing has changed me and my life and i love it!

Why Did I Create This Blog

I joined network marketing in 2010 and back then, i didn’t know what i was doing, but i do remember that i didn’t do well. The reason why i didn’t do well was that, i was listening to the wrong people and doing the wrong things.

Back then, the so called GURUS were teaching the worst thing possible and that was Spamming people like crazy with their product’s and services.

This is why i decided to create my own blog and start sharing with the people how to build their own network marketing business the right way. There are many people that are doing the same mistakes that i did and i really want to help them realize that there is a better way or of doing things.

Do i know everything about Network Marketing, of course not, life and network marketing are a never ending journey and every day we learn something new!

The journey will be long and hard, but it will be totally worth it. And i encourage you to join this journey with me and change not only your life, but the life of many other people.

With that said, i want to tell you one last thing.

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard it can be or how long it will take, DON’T DIVE UP.

Best Wishes For The Future
Mihail Yordanov