8 Useful Places To Get New Content Ideas

Today i want to share with you couple of places that will help you get new content ideas for your blog. So let’s talk about content! The thing that unfortunately, many people have problems with.

As you may know, creating content is something most people in network marketing or any other business should do. By creating new and great content, you’re not only attracting new people to you, but you’re also building your business, brand, helping people and other things like building your email list. Of course, depending on what you want to achieve with your content.

But in the same time, creating content every single day can become frustrating over time, especially for the new people! This is why we need to find some kind of solution that will help up solve that problem.

Personally, I’ve been struggling big time with content ideas and although they are literally everywhere, i was still struggling. So like many other people, i to needed to find a solution to that problem.

So, i started searching the big wide web for something that will help me get new content ideas for my blog. I really needed something simple that doesn’t require a lot of time because as we know, time is very expensive!

After searching like crazy, i found a couple of places (8 to be exact) that help me get new content ideas for my blog every time i get stuck.

This is why i wanted to share those places with you because i know how hard and frustrating can be for some people and i hope that this will help you out.

Here are all the websites that i am using and that you can check out and hopefully use as well. They are all free of charge so don’t worry!

  1. Building Your Own Blog
  2. Portent
  3. Impactbnd
  4. Inboundnow
  5. Backlinkgenerator
  6. Webpagefx
  7. Seopressor
  8. Tweakyourbiz


Here they are…. simply go ahead and check them out. You will be amazed how simple and easy it is to get new content ideas for your blog.

If you don’t know how to use those websites, make sure to watch the video below because i will show you how simple it is to get new content ideas for your blog.


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