7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing Right Now

Let’s talk (write) about how you can improve your twitter marketing starting today, i am not talking tomorrow, i am talking today! I will share with you a couple of very, i mean very simple things that you can do right now to improve your twitter marketing.

7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing Right Now

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So what is the first thing that you can do right now to improve your twitter marketing? The first thing is to have a nice looking profile picture. Whaaaaat? A profile picture? YES! Although having the “egg” image as your profile image is OK “if you’re a chicken” which i don’t think you are, having a profile picture of you is very important.

For those people that are using a photo of themselves as a profile image, good for you… you’re doing an awesome job. But i want to go a little bit more into this just so you understand where i am going with this.

These days, more and more people want to know “WHO” is the person they are following, talking and even buying from. Just think about the next couple of lines that i will write here and after doing that, you can leave me a comment with your opinion, OK! Awesome!

Here is my question for you: Would you prefer to do business with someone who has a picture of himself or would you prefer to do business with someone who has a picture of a dog? And please don’t get into the “BUT WAIT A SEC”, this is a simple question with a very simple answer.

I hope I’ve made my point here, so let’s move on.

The second thing that you can do to improve your twitter marketing is to have a nice looking banner.

I see so many people put their company logo or products as their twitter banner image… please don’t do that! Unless you “OWN” the company, there is no point and absolutely no reason for doing that.

Here is the thing! YOU (not the company) are using YOUR (not the company) twitter account to build YOUR (not the company’s) business. Here is where some people will say something like “BUT MY COMPANY IS MY BUSINESS” ah… wrong! YOU are your business! Yes, the company is paying you for your efforts, but if your company goes out of business tomorrow, then what?

Here’s something for you to think about.

If people join people and not companies should you focus your effort on building your company or should you focus your effort on building your brand?

The third step to improve your twitter marketing is to have a good bio. First of all your Twitter bio is there so I can use it, but most of the time I see people using it the wrong way. They put things like ” I will help you generate unlimited Leeds” and in the same time they are struggling to generate leads for themselves.

Here’s where I must say that I understand the fact that there are many people who teach how to improve your twitter marketing, but I’m going to share with you the way that I think a professional/good twitter bio should look like.

A professional Twitter bio, in my opinion, should have 2 things.

  1. Very short (i say short because you are limited on characters) explanation of who you are or what you do
  2. What do you provide or how can you help

Blogger,Network Marketer,Entrepreneur. Helping people quit their normal job and build a successful business from home.

Please make a note that the above-written example is just and example.

One of the best advises that I can give you it’s to find successful people in your industry and get ideas from their Twitter bio.

Let’s move on to step number 4 which is, hashtags. So, first of all, let me explain you, what a hashtag (a.k.a. #) is. In the most simple way, a hashtag is a keyword that lets you target or get in front of your target market.

There are many different hashtags that you can use, but it all depends on your industry or on who you want to see your tweets. Here is something that you don’t want to do and that is, writing a short tweet and put then or even more hashtags.

By doing this you automatically make yourself a spammer which will make people unfollow you or even worst don’t do business with you. Personally, I don’t use more than 3 hashtags in a tweet and please note that I don’t do this every time.

Hashtags can really help you get more exposure for you and your business, but if you use them in the wrong way they will do more damage than actually help you.

Step number 5 are the links. First of all, let’s talk about the link below your Twitter bio. So what links should you put below your Twitter bio? Some people will say that you need to put a link to a landing page so you can generate leads. Other people will say to your website/blog all your Facebook fan page.

The best answer that I can give you is that you need to “test” and find out what will work for you the best. I say that because every person is different and every person is doing things in a different way.

Personally, I use my website/blog link because I want people to go on my website/blog what they can get to know me a little bit better or simply find something that can help them in their business.

Now, let’s talk about the actual links that you put when you make a tweet. First for you need to understand that Twitter is very limited on characters, which makes your work just a little bit harder because you need to be very specific with what you write. This is why you should always make sure that you shorten your links when you make a tweet.

Here are the two reasons on why you want to shorten your links.

  1. They are shorter which gives you more characters for your tweet
  2. You can track and see if people actually click on your links

So always make sure to shorten your links before you make a tweet!

Step number 6 are images and videos. One of the best way to get more attention on your tweets is to tweet images and videos. Just think about this, most of the people that are using Twitter the market their business is just by making a tweet. This way it’s way harder to catch people’s attention because everything looks the same.

But if you use images and videos when you make a tweet it’s going to be easier because an image is, first of all, bigger and at the same time will help you catch people’s attention.

If you want to learn how to use images the right way so you can attract more people to you and your business, consider watching this video training!

The final step is to simply make connections with other people. Here’s something that you need to understand when I say connections. When I say connecting with other people I mean to actually connect with other people. This doesn’t involve you sending them a message like “want to make money from home” or “I’ll help you generate unlimited leads, click this link to learn how“, NO!

It actually involves you, going to their Twitter profile, finding out who they are, start a simple human conversation and if an opportunity presents itself, you can share with them your solution.

There are may people who would love to improve their Twitter marketing! If you have a better way that can help them with their Twitter marketing, approach those people, start a conversation and see if they actually need what you have to offer.

Was this post helpful? If so, I would really appreciate if you share it and leave a comment below!

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    • Scott Wildstein

      Fantastic article and overall writeup, truly comprehensive. Thanks for this contribution to the community.

    • April Ray

      Great post on improving your twitter marketing! I like the thought provoking questions you have within you article! =)

      • Mihail Yordanov

        Thanks April! And yes, i do use questions to make people take some time and actually think about certain things.

        Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • John B Madrigal

      I love the emphasis you put on branding yourself rather than your network marketing company. I’ve recently started venturing into Twitter marketing, so this post is very relevant to me. Thanks for sharing Mihail!

      • Mihail Yordanov

        Thanks John! Happy to hear that you found value in my post 🙂

    • Mike

      Nice post, never thought of using questions on Twitter. The best advice that I took away was to test, as everyone has a different audience. This way you know what your audience likes.

      • Mihail Yordanov

        Absolutely Michael! If people don’t take the time to do some testing, they will not know what is actually working for them.

    • Joseph

      Boss tips, thanks so much for sharing!! I have to get back on my Twitter game.

    • Sherri Brown

      Great post…there are many ways we can benefit from Twitter in doing marketing. I got encouragement from your tips, Mihail, especially on using #hashtags. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dr. Lisa Thompson

      Great Post Mihail!

      It’s so important to brand yourself on social media. People do business with those who they know, like, and trust.

      Dr. Lisa

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