5 Tips On Using Solo Ads For Network Marketing

Let’s talk about how to use solo ads for network marketing! We are going to cover a couple of very important things that every persona should know before and after buying their first solo ad.

Here i need to say that, although the tips and ideas that i’m sharing with you may not be in the right order, they are still relevant! So let’s start with the first tip on using solo ads for network marketing.

Solo Ad Provider

Personally, i think that this is the first thing that you should focus your time before you go and buy your first solo ad. The reason i say that is because there are so many people that you can buy a solo ad from. but at the same time, you want to buy a solo ad from someone that is trustworthy. You need to understand that you’re investing your own money and because of that you want to make sure that your buying from someone that have great reviews and comments.

Take some time and search for the right person!

Quality And Quantity

Like i mentioned above, make sure to find someone that is trustworthy, but at the same time, you want to make sure that you find the best deal possible! Some solo ad providers will charge way more to the same amount of clicks than others. This may mean that they have a better-performing list of people (or people from better countries) and because of that, they may charge more.

Take some time and find the best Quality-Quantity for your money!

Creating a Compelling Headline

What is the most important thing when sending an email to a list of people? The Headline! If you’re in network marketing from some time now, you’re probably following a lot of the top earners in the industry and maybe even signed-up for some of their free training. So, what are you looking when you open your inbox? If you’re like me, you look two things!

  1. The sender
  2. The Headline/Email Subject

Most of the time i just see that name of the sender, but what i am looking for is the actual headline! Why? The headline is what will make me “OPEN” the email or not! If the headline is enticing enough, i will open the email to check it out and if not, sorry!

This is why you need to have/create an enticing headline that’s worth checking out. Most of the time, people use “Curiosity” or “Benefits” inside their headline.

If you’re in a Network Marketing or MLM company, you probably have some swipe copies that you can use “Specifically” designed for solo ads. If that’s the case, there are two things that you can do to find out what will/can convert the best for you.

  1. Read all the swipe files one by one and make note of “What make’s you tick“. By saying tick i mean “What makes you feel or even makes you want to go and check out what they (or company) have to offer.”
  2. Print out all the swipe files and go to some of your friends and ask them for a favour. Tell them that you want their help with finding out what will make them take action. If they want to help you with you out, read the swipe’s one by one and make note of what make’s them tick.

Of course, this is something that is absolutely not necessary to do, but personally i think it’s worth the work because you want to best performance for your money. And the way to get the best performance for your money is to ask people. Your friend and even you are people, right?

Creating The Actual Copy

Like i mentioned above, if you’re in a network marketing or MLM company, you probably have some swipe’s that you can use for solo ads. What you need to know is that your headline is there to make the person “OPEN” the email. When the person opens’s the email, your actual copy is there to make the person check out what you want them to check (most of the time, it’s clicking on a link).

So if you have a great compelling headline, but you have a crappy email copy, what you can do is just mix it up.

Creating You Landing Page

After you have found a solo ad provider, created a headline and email copy, you need to create a landing page. Of course this if you’re not using your network marketing or mlm company landing pages, you should consider creating a landing page first and then buy a solo ad. The reason i’m saying this is because you don’t want to waste those “Clicks” and by having a landing page you’re making sure that you’ll get the person’s information BEFORE they go to the next step.

What’s Next?

Let’s take a moment and just go through the whole process of using solo ads for network marketing.

So you found a solo ad provider that you think/know that is someone worth buying a solo ad from. You created your headline and email copy and you have a landing page in place to capture the person’s information.

Here are couple of ideas that you may want to consider depending on what you want to do. So here we go! What most people do when using solo ads for building a network marketing business is that they use their company’s landing pages. This is a great way to build your email list and business at the same time. The bad thing when using this approach is that the person who will see that landing page will not see you.

Let’s explain why this can be (is) important if you want to get the most out of your investment (long term).

If (this is not a question) network marketing is all about building relationships with other people, do you think that it will be easier to build relationship with someone that you see or with someone that you don’t see? When using you’re network marketing company’s pages, people can’t see your face because the only thing that you’re branding is your network marketing company! In other words, you’re missing the chance to show your face to those people so they know who you are.

But let’s go even deeper! The reason i you may want to “Consider” using this approach (not mandatory) is because when you call those your leads after, they at least will know who you are!

If right now i call you and i say “Hey my friend, this is Mihail Yordanov, how are you doing?” will you be more open to have a conversation with me or not? Personally, i will be more willing to have the conversation because i at least know the person! But if right now i get a call from someone that i never heard or even know about, my defences will go up and i will be very coshes or even make an excuse just to end the call.

Next thing that you can do is to provide value to your new email list! Separate yourself from the rest of the marketers out there by taking care of your new email list? Create a simple survey and ask them what they are struggling and what they want to learn more about, this way you can provide them with what they actually want.

The good thing about this is that, in the long term, those people will start to trust you because they see that you actually care about them. Those are just a couple simple tips, but they can/will make all the difference for you and your business in the long term.

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