3 Simple Things To Focus On To Build Your MLM Business

Because i see that many people are confused about how to build their mlm business, i wanted to share with you 3 simple things that you need to focus on so you can build your mlm business.

So if you’re struggling because you don’t know where to focus your time and effort, then after reading this post you will know exactly on what you should focus on. So let’s get into it.


Building Your Audience

This can seem very obvious step, but unfortunately, many people miss it!

Let me ask you this… if you have no following/audience to see that things that you’re producing for them, can you grow a business? Probably not! This is why your focus should be on building an audience/following that will see that things that you will produce.

Most people focus on the third step and this is why they don’t see any result’s what so ever in their business. Eventually, some people surrender or start jumping from company to company in search for the magic pill.


Recently i started a series of blog posts and video training in which i share how to build your network marketing or mlm business using facebook. I share what and why you should focus on specific things and how they will help you attract more people to you.


This is a very simple thing to do, but in the same time it takes a lot of patience…. and as we know, most people don’t have it. But like i am saying over and over again, i am preparing you for a long term success, not one day deal.


So, with just a couple of words, how do you build your audience? It’s simple, you provide value that can help other people.


Building Relationship With Your Audience

I could explain how IMPORTANT the relationship is for building your mlm business with just two examples. If you understand those two examples you will know why you need to stop focusing so much on selling and instead focus on the relationship part.


Example One

Someone knocks on your door, you stand up and go open the door. You open the door and see a person that you’ve never seen before. This new person then says something like….

  • Hey my friend, i just wanted to stop by and see if you would be open to making more money from home?

Let’s Analyze

First, is this so-called stranger your friend? NO! Do you care about him/her? NO! If this person is not your friend and you don’t care about hi/her, do you care about his pitch? NO! So what do you think will happen?

You will probably say… NOT INTERESTED.


Example Two

Your friend Joe knocks on the door, you stand up and go open the door. You open the door and see Joe. Joe says something like…

Hey Tim, how are you doing? You reply…. nothing, just watching TV! Joe says… cool man, can i come inside and share something with you? You…. sure, come in. One inside, Joe says…

Listen Tim, we’ve been friends for X years and i really appreciate you as a friend and because of that, i just wanted to “share” with you a new business that i started. You may or may not be for you, but i just wanted to “share” it with you because we are friends.

Let’s Analyze

First, do you know Joe? Yes! Do you care about Joe? If he is your friend, then YES! Will you put a mental wall because you don’t know him? NO! Will you let him inside your home? YES! Will you listen to what he has to say? YES! Will you take a look at what he has? YES!


Why do you think this is happening? Simple…. RELATIONSHIP!


Let me put in another even simpler way.

No Relationship = No Chance

Relationship = Chance


When i say “Chance” i mean that you have a chance to at least share with him/her what are you currently doing. Whether they join or not it’s a different thing, but at least you had the chance to “share” what you’re doing which is way better than not sharing anything at all.


Marketing To Your Audience

So what did we learn so far? We learned that if there is no one there that can see what you’re producing, you will have a hard time building your brand, business etc… The next thing is that if you have an audience, but the audience doesn’t know you, like you and trusts you, then they won’t engage or want to do anything with you.

So although i may give you some marketing strategies, they will probably not work as they could do because people don’t focus on the first two things.


Marketing to an audience that knows, like’s and trusts you i not so difficult after they see that you care about them. You can make a video or post and just share how they can get more of X, Y or Z and because they know that you have their best interest at heart, they will check it out or be willing to check it out.

You can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have a good relationship with your audience and if they don’t know you, like you or trust you, the door will never open to you.

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