2 Crucial Things For Building a Network Marketing Business

Today i wanted to share with you, my personal opinion about two crucial things that will have a huge impact in your life and network marketing business.  Here is where i want to say that one of the things that i will share with you is something that a well-known person and industry leader, Ray Higdon shares all most every time. The second thing is something that i found out for myself and i want to share it with you right here, right now.

Having a Vision

This is something that Ray Higdon is sharing a lot and he is totally right about having a vision. But why having a vision is so important for your success at network marketing? The thing about having a strong vision for yourself is important because it will “Pull You” towards the thing/s that you envision yourself having or achieving.

By creating a strong a detailed vision of what you want to achieve in your live, you will be more willing to take the steps necessary to actually reach/accomplish your goals. And by doing this, you will get one step closer to the end result which is your vision.

Here i want to say that some people will call this “Your WHY” or “Desire” and it’s totally fine. The thing that you need to understand is not the word or how people call it, it’s how it makes you feel! If you have the vision to build a network marketing business and be on stage, talking to a lot of people, how does this make you feel? Are you excited? Does this make you want to take action and change your life?

Or let’s say that “You Why” is your family. Does “Your Why” make you feel you want to change something so your can provide your family with a better life? Does “Your Why” makes you feel like you have to do it?


And the same thing goes with “Desire”, how are all those things make you feel? Do you feel so excited that you want to scream from joy because the things that you want are so awesome? If that’s the case, then you’re on the right track! But there is one problem with all those things. The missing part of the equation that will guarantee your success at network marketing.


Some of you are probably thinking “Productivity, what do you mean?“. Like i mentioned before,  this is something that i found out by accident, but it’s something that will change the game for you.

Let me ask you one simple question so you can understand what i mean when i say productivity. How do you feel after accomplishing a goal? Do you feel good or do you feel bad? If you’re like me, you will feel amazing!

Creating a blog post, videos, training or any other thing that makes me get one step closer to what i want, makes me feel good! This makes me want to take even more action because i feel good because i actually accomplished something. By taking action and producing content that will help other people and help you build a network marketing business you will feel awesome.

This will make your “Vision” even stronger which will lead to more productivity and so on. It’s like a circle of empowerment that doesn’t stop growing with excitement!

But although this sound awesome and it totally works, there are some bad things that you need to know too.

First of all, you need to know that once you stop producing, you will not get to your vision or the dreams and goals that you had for yourself. Producing means “Hard Work, Taking Action, Doing Something” going out there are do the work necessary so you can make your vision a reality!

We must make the distinction that a vision is simply a vision, fantasy in our minds that can or can not become reality based on the things that we do in the real world. So although that vision is very strong and it will pull you towards the things you want, productivity is something that will make the difference in your life and the life of many other people.

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