1 Simple Tip For New Bloggers

So you decided to become a blogger! You bought your web hosting and a brand new domain name so people can find you on the web. You are ready, you see yourself doing this and you see yourself that it will be something awesome.

But somewhere along the way, something happened, something changed and now you don’t know what to do with your blog. Suddenly all the ideas and topics that you wanted to write about and share with the worlds seem like they’ve disappeared.

The motivation starts to fade away and the vision of you doing something new, something that could be awesome, disappears.

Well, the thing is that we can fix that, and it’s actually very simple!

1 Simple Tip For New Bloggers

These days, i see/hear many people (including me) saying that “Starting your own blog is a great thing”. And although there a lot of good reasons to start your own blog, it can also be very frustrating for the people who are new to blogging.

So, no matter, if you want to start a blog to brand yourself, build a business, share or even educate people, here, is the most simple way that you can approach blogging starting today.

Are you ready? Awesome!

The most simple way to approach blogging (in my opinion) is to look at your blog like a personal blogging notebook. That’s right, a blogging notebook!

Approaching Blogging as a Notebook

Well. here is the thing. Instead of thinking “What should i write about that PEOPLE will like” or “I am not good enough” or even “Who is going to listen to me” you can approach blogging in a totally different way. And the way is “What have i learned today that i can put into my notebook“.

One of the best examples that i could give you is with a recipe book.


I remember my mother writing all those recipes that she liked in a notebook and over time the notebook became like a recipe book. She didn’t do this to impress people and she didn’t think “I am not good enough”, but she did it for herself.

The people could still use it if they have asked to the notebook, but she was not impacted from the idea that “i am not good enough”, she just wrote what she liked and learned. And in this example, it was all about cooking.

But the question here is, why not learn something and put it in a blogging notebook? People will still leverage from your ideas and knowledge, right? But the point is that you are not focusing on the barriers in your mind, you’re just taking notes.

So how can you start your own blogging notebook?

Let’s say that you are into real estate and you’ve (read a blog post/watched a video) learned  “3 ways to sell your house faster”. Guess what your blogging notebook title will be?

  • Ways to sell your house faster
  • 3 ways to sell your house faster
  • Tips on selling your house faster
  • How to sell your house faster

Then you continue your blogging notebook by writing what you’ve learned.

Remember, people can still benefit from your ideas and the things that you’re learning, but once again, you’re not focusing on other people, you’re just writing for yourself.

The good thing is that, over time, people will start noticing you and start commenting and even say that they actually like what you’re doing. This is awesome because one day you will stop and you will say to yourself….

Hey, i was just taking notes about what i was learning, but it seems like people are actually benefiting from my notes.

So, if you’re new to blogging or if you doubt in yourself, then start your own notebook, a blogging notebook!


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