So you want to know more about what is MLSP (a.k.a. My Lead System Pro) and if it really can help your online business? First of all, there are many reviews about MLSP and what if can and can’t do for you. But in this blog post I am going to give you as much information as possible about My Lead System Pro, so you can decide if this is something for you or not.

But before we give in to the nitty-gritty on the system, we need to start from the actual beginning and find out…

What Is MLSP?

Let’s face it! Most people in this industry have already joined a company. But the things is that most people that you market to, will not join your primary company. This is where MLSP come to play!
In the most basic way that I can explain to you what MLSP is, it’s a tool (system) that will help you grow your main business. 
MLSP is used as a front end product because of the value and the low cost, which makes it a no brainer. It literally helps to fuel your main business and brand you as a leader.

In my personal opinion, My Lead System Pro is the Harvard of online marketing. Why do I say that? It’s quite simple! My Lead System Pro provides a huge variety of training and tools designed to help and teach people how to create a successful online business.

But the main goal of MLSP is to create leader! This is why they provide people with up to date training, webinars, motivational calls, tools and other things to help people create the success they want.

We will dive deeper later on!

The community that MLSP has is more than amazing! Because they share the same goals and dreams, they make sure to help and encourage everyone in the community.

I’ve been in this industry from 2010 and I spend a lot of time and money in searching for something like My Lead System Pro, but I never found it!

Let’s us take one step further and take a look at…

What My Lead System Pro Has To Offer

Once you’re inside MLSP, you can do quite a lot of things!

From starting your step-by-step training, which will show you, how to set up the system so you can start generating leads for your business…


To creating your own custom lead capture pages so you can generate leads and brand yourself…


Create your own blog/website in minutes (you’re on it right now).

Or if you don’t want to waste your time, you can use one of the already done for you campaigns so you can start promoting and generate leads…


Or simply choose one a specific training that you want to learn about!

What is MLSP- My Lead System Pro - Training

And those are just couple of the things that you can do, that will help you to generate the results you want for your business. It’s just mind blowing!

All this may sound great, but we need to know…

How My Lead System Pro Works

Like I mentioned above, there is a step-by-step training inside MLSP that people can follow to get everything up and running. But the overal will look something like this:


You promote MLSP at the front end and your primary company at the back end. This is mainly because of two reasons:

  1. Most people are already in a company so they are not looking to join another one. But what they need is a system like MLSP that will help them generate more leads and sales.
  2. If someone opt in and in one of the campaigns MLSP provides and they don’t join MLSP, you can follow up with them about your primary company.

How My Lead System Pro Will Help Your Home Base Business

Although MLSP can change your life and help you become a leader in your industry, I must and have to be honest with you! MLSP is not a magic pill nor is a push button system. NO! Like every business out there, you have to do the work!

My Lead System Pro will provide you with the training and tools you need, BUT unless you start implementing what they teach you, you will not see any results. You can’t expect to sit on the couch, eat donuts and wonder why you don’t lose weight. It’s stupid!

Having a real business is the same thing. If you do the work and stay consistent, you will see results! If you watch TV all day and hope someone to come and buy something from you, then you will fail!

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that “I am responsible for everything in my life”. The car I drive, the house I live, my negative friends… but the best things is that, I can change it!

Like Mr. Jim Rohn said in one of his videos “If you don’t like your current address, change it. You’re not a tree!

How Much MLSP Cost

Right now, MLSP offers 2 different levels that people can join.

  1. University
  2. Mastery

Let’s talk about University first!

University is worth $49.97/month and it includes all most everything, but it has some disadvantages compared to Mastery.

  1. You don’t get all that Mastery offers
  2. If you decide (this is optional) to become an Affiliate, you will earn 30% on every person (per month) that joins (and stays) the system from your link

NOTE: Bought University and Mastery have a 10 day trial for just $10 that you can check out below:

So if you think that this is nothing serious, wait until I share what Mastery has to offer!

Mastery is worth $149.97/month and it gives you access to all the things inside the system, but here good part. As a Mastery member, you will…

  1. Have access to all the tools and training, plus the 8 years training library that covers frankly everything there is to know.
  2. If you decide (again this is optional) to become an affiliate, you will earn $100 for every person (per month) that joins (and stays) the system from your link
  3. And even 100% commissions on every product that you get someone to buy from your link  (or your downline buys from MLSP)

One thing that you need to consider before choosing a level is that, regardless if you join University or Mastery, you still have to do the same amount of work! The amount of work that you will put to get a University member will be the same amount of work to get a Mastery member. And the only difference will be in your bank account!

For those people that are serious about their online business and want to become leaders, MLSP has a Leadership Levels.

What Are The MLSP Leadership Levels

My Lead System Pro has a point system that allows them to create their own community of leaders or like they say, high performers! For every active (using the system month after month) member that you have in the system, MLSP will give you points.

The points are different based on the membership level you have.


As you can see, bought levels have a different amount of point. But why is that? It’s because of the Leadership Levels!

There are 7 Leadership Levels that My Lead System Pro offers to the most active people and you can see the Levels below.


If you take the time to go over all Leadership Levels you will see that there is a lot more in MLPS that you think. But just in case, let me explain to you what will happen when you reach a level in MLSP!

When you reach a level in MLSP, they will send you a present as a reward for doing a great work. Then, you will become one of the most known people inside MLSP! Why? Because they make sure to share it with all the members which means, more exposure for you!

And that’s not where the journey stops. After you reach a Level in MLSP a lot of the doors that were closed before will open for you.

New friend request starts to come like crazy, webinar invitations from other people will be something that will give you even more exposure and brand awareness.

And if you play your card the right way, you will get to the next level even faster, which once again means, exposure, leads, sales, good life!

My Leads System Pro is not just a system, it’s the place that most of the top earners have come from and it’s the right place for everyone who really wants’s to make a change in his life!

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